How I Self-Heal as an Intuitive Healer

Every morning after breakfast, I like to start my day with some self-healing work. As an intuitive healer, this takes me anywhere from a few minutes or over an hour depending on how much work I want to do on myself that day. I thought it would be interesting to share how a professional healer self-heals.

Do you want to know how to heal yourself emotionally? Here's what a professional energy healer does to self-heal every morning using ThetaHealing and Top People. Pin
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I start off the day with the Ana Beko'ach prayer. I now have the Kabbalah Centre's Dialing God app, which makes this and other prayers easy to access. I've written about why I study Kabbalah in my post on my spiritual journey.

Balancing my energy

In terms of energy healing, the first thing I do is a short meditation so I am in the energy of the creator. I use ThetaHealing or the Top People Technique. Then I start muscle testing, a way of testing the subconscious without letting the ego get in the way. These days, I use a pendulum.

I ask whether my electromagnetic field is clean, my chakras aligned, unblocked, and healed, and a few other things. I go through a list of hormones such as melatonin, dopamine, serotonin, etc., to check if they are in balance, as well as whether my immune system and PH levels are balanced. I also check if there are negative energy/entities in or around me and a few other things.

If there are issues to resolve, I heal the negative beliefs/programming with ThetaHealing or Top People, and replace them with positive beliefs. Then I muscle test again to confirm that the healing has taken effect.

This is part of my morning ritual to start my day right. Sometimes I do this for clients if I feel they need a basic energy cleaning.

Healing personal issues

While balancing myself only takes a few minutes, on most days, I like to take more time and do a longer healing session on myself to work on whatever has been bothering me. I can be triggered by things happening in my own life, or what I read in the news, in books, see on TV shows, etc. Other times, I do have physical issues to heal, whether it's pain, discomfort, or some other kind of energy imbalance. Most of the time, the root of the physical issue is emotional. The pain is often there to draw my attention to uncover what that is.

I used to energetically scan my body to see what was going on, but now that I have a few years of experience as a professional healer, answers tend to come to me right away. I intuitively know whether the issue is from this life, a past life, or passed down from ancestors.

I write down all the issues I suspect I have in a notebook and then start muscle testing to confirm to myself that I do have these beliefs on the subconscious level.

To release negative beliefs or issues, I make sure to extract the lessons from them before I release them. I also release any trauma, pain, or energetic litter related to these issues from my body and energy field. Once I'm done, I muscle test again for all the beliefs I've listed to confirm they have been resolved.

Learn more about my process and how you can heal yourself at home with energy healing.

Once in a while, I'll come across a deeper issue or a stubborn negative belief that I can't heal by myself. In those cases, I work with my own healer or swap sessions with a healer friend. Another healer can help me see my blind spots and provide new perspectives. My healer is basically my therapist.

Healing work on emotional issues can sound heavy, but I personally enjoy it because I feel lighter every time I release old negative beliefs and stale energy. It's satisfying to uncover the root source of an issue, and I always discover so much about myself. This satisfaction is also why I enjoy working with clients so much, to give them answers.

Another thing I like to do in the mornings is send unconditional love and healing energy to anyone in my life who needs it or to those suffering in disaster zones. I also feel energized when I list all the things I'm grateful for.

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