10 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts | Canadian Brands

This post is sponsored by Maylyn & Co., an amazing sustainable Canadian luxury sleepwear company. Affiliate links are used.

Valentine's Day is coming up, and I thought it would be helpful to offer ethical and sustainable gift ideas for the environmentally conscious. I'm featuring all Canadian brands to encourage shopping local. As a bonus, I included some DIY gift ideas in the end for those who are sticking to a strict budget.

Looking for conscious Valentine's Day gifts within Canada? Here are 10 romantic and eco-friendly gift ideas from ethical and sustainable Canadian brands.Pin

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  • Maylyn & Co. Gloria vegan silk slip and matching robe from their Miss Miel collection. They're a Canadian vegan clothing brand using sustainable fabrics such as Persian Lotus Silk, perfect for the eco-conscious lady in your life. Maylyn & Co. offers complimentary gift wrapping and world-wide shipping. Use code ANNIE for 10% off.
  • Little book of French Love Poems. Put on your best French accent to seduce your lover with these poems by classic authors. Luckily an English translation of the poem is beside the original so you can understand what you're saying.
  • Dainty gold heart necklace made with 14k recycled gold from sustainable Canadian brand Bluboho. They are handmade locally in Toronto.
  • Smashable heart cakes can be filled with chocolate, candy, cake, and additional surprises such as proposal rings. Order one from your local bakery. If you're too late in placing your order, you can make one yourself with tutorials on Youtube. Depending on what you put in it, these cakes are more sustainable because you can eat it for days or weeks to come.
  • Grease up your partner with Province Apothecary's Lover's Kit. The Toronto beauty brand's all-natural, organic oil duo feature their bestselling Lover's Oil and Sex Oil, the latter of which can be used both as a natural lubricant and massage oil.
  • If you can't find decent fair trade chocolates, make your own Red Velvet Fudge. They're easy enough to make and look impressive.
  • Natural and sustainable Montreal beauty brand BKIND's Kind Kit includes zero waste beauty essentials. It's a great unisex starter kit for anyone wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Opt for an eco-friendly Valentine's Day card with this Ontario seller's fun cards printed on recycled cardstock.
  • Instead of unsustainable flowers, what about a long-lasting indoor plant? It can grow and bear fruit, just like your love (sorry, ha). Check your local garden store and ask an expert for recommendations on which is the best plant for your climate and the amount of light available in your giftee's home.
  • If buying wine, choose a sustainable, organic wine, which has to meet a certain eco-friendly standard in farming practices. Support your local wine store by asking for recommendations.

DIY GIFTS // Showing someone you care doesn’t always require spending a lot of money. Homemade gifts can be really meaningful. You can cook dinner, make a mixed tape, make your own card, write a poem, write a love letter, make paper roses, bath bombs, bath melts, lotion bars, cookie box, and more.

Do you have a conscious gift idea for Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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