7 New All-Female Rock Bands to Listen to Now

While it's not a mainstream genre these days (why??), I'll always prefer rock and roll. It's pretty much what I listen to all day long. And it's obscene how much music I listen to in a day.

girl rock bands 2022Pin
Members of Hinds and CHAI

I noticed many of my favourite new music are by all-female bands. (By "new," I mean bands that have been emerging within the last five years.) Maybe the girls are really the ones keeping rock and roll alive.

So here is my roundup of 7 indie rock bands comprised of all women that deserve more attention and airplay.

As a bonus, I've included 14 more underrated female musicians or female-fronted bands to check out at the end of this post.


Hinds, a Spanish all girl indie rock band. Pin

Hinds is a Madrid-based indie rock band with three albums out so far. The two founding members met through their then-boyfriends who were musicians. After ditching the boyfriends, they started writing music together and formed a band with two other women.

Fave tracks: "New For You" and their cover of The Clash's "Spanish Bombs."


CHAI, an all-female rock band from Japan. Pin

CHAI is a four-piece rock band from Nagoya, Japan. They're influenced by Gorillaz, Basement Jaxx, and consider themselves "neo kawaii." They embrace pink and sing about female empowerment.

Fave tracks: "Donuts Mind If I Do" and their collab with Hinds "UNITED GIRLS ROCK'N'ROLL CLUB."

Nasty Cherry

Nasty Cherry - New girl rock bandPin

Nasty Cherry is technically a manufactured alt-pop band, but the members were handpicked by Charli XCX, my favourite pop star. She knows what she's doing because I'm a total sucker for this band.

Fave tracks: So many! "Win," "Live Forever," "Her Body," "Better Run."

Dream Wife

Dream Wife - all female band to check out. Pin

This British-Icelandic pop-punk trio with catchy bass riffs and sweet vocals has the perfect band name for an all-female band. Taken from the 1953 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr, it's an ironic take on the stereotype of the ideal woman from the '50s—often the accessory to the man—from three bold musicians known for their riotous live shows.

Fave tracks: "Hasta La Vista," "Old Flame."

The Linda Lindas

The Linda Lindas - all-girl band bring back punk rock. Pin

I hope it's not condescending to call The Linda Lindas cute because they are! The drummer is only eleven years old! But they are also badass young women in a punk band famous for letting it rip in a public library. They remind me of The Runaways and The Sex Pistols but singing about age-appropriate things like idolizing Claudia Kishi and growing up.

Fave tracks: "Oh," "Missing You."

The Aces

All-female alternative pop band The AcesPin

Perfect for fans of The 1975 and HAIM, alternative pop band The Aces know how to vibe with a catchy guitar riff. From Utah, they make songs that sounds like they should be on the soundtrack to your life.

Fave tracks: "Daydream, "Stuck."

Meet Me @ The Altar

Meet Me @ the Atar. All girl pop band 2022Pin

This American Gen Z three-piece is bringing back the pop-punk sound I grew up listening to. Every song is catchy. It's rare to find a black frontwoman in a rock band, nevermind one comprised of all WOC. It's nice to see, but their music speaks for itself, as does the music from the other WOC musicians in this roundup.

Fave tracks: "Garden," "Now or Never."

More indie female musicians or female-fronted bands I like:

Pale Waves ⭐️ Wallice ⭐️ MICHELLE ⭐️ Kitten ⭐️ Charly Bliss ⭐️ Soccer Mommy ⭐️ Clairo ⭐️ Diet Cig ⭐️ Aly & AJ ⭐️ Frankie Cosmos ⭐️ Honeyblood ⭐️ beabadoobee ⭐️ fanclubwallet ⭐️ Starcrawler

Any other female artists or bands I need to listen to? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Babymetal invented the whole concept of Kawaii metal. Their influence is nothing short of a Renaissance & should have been the first one mentioned here!

    The Warning & Band-Maid absolutely as somone else mentioned! Those two bands alone are changing the goalposts here. Both played recently at Rockville & were brilliant!

    Band-Maid also is playing Lollapalooza this year. Then you add Nemophila which is also on tour currently. Along LoveBites, Fate Gear & Christina Scabbia!!

    You begin to see that fox hole of female metal empowerment is alive & well!! This is the new female Rock/metal world order & it’s glorious!! 🤘🎸🦊🔥🌏🔥

  2. Bobbi Jo Hart


    http://Www.fannythemovie.com! If you are in LA in May 2023, I will not only invite you to a screening of my film Fanny: The Right to Rock but a 50th Anniversary concert of Fanny… it will be epic!! The Linda Lindas introduced Fanny on stage to perform after a film screening last year!🤘🏽😊🎬🥁🎸❤️🌴🌊 Love The Warning & The Beaches too!

  3. You missed The Warning who are a rock trio of sisters who have recently opened for and toured with several major rock bands such as The Foo Fighters, Halestorm, Guns & Roses, Muse, Three Days Grace, and more. You also missed Plush which is a all female rock band with four members. Unfortunately, they have recently split up but they have an EP and two albums.

  4. I suggest listening to Band-Maid. Japanese female rock band will be touring the US next month including concerts in Chicago, Philidelphia, and New York. They have over 150 million views on their YouTube channel.