35+ YouTube Channels to Check Out

I don't keep social media apps on my phone to prevent addiction, but one app I still have is YouTube. Sometimes I just want to watch short YouTube videos to unwind instead of movies or TV shows. These are the channels I recommend:

YouTube channel recommendations for adults who want to learn and expand their knowledge in a fun way on a variety of subjectsPin
Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Claire Reads Books and Jack Edwards — BookTubers for what's hot in literature.

Modern Gurlz and Mina Le — Fashion and pop culture analysis.

The Take and Broey Deschanel — film and pop culture analysis.

Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez, Drew Gooden, Kurtis Conner, and Jarvis Johnson — comedic commentary channels.

Tiffany Ferg, Smokey Glow, D'Angelo Wallace, Hailey Elizabeth, Ibrahim Kamit, Stephanie Lange — Internet culture commentary channels on more serious topics.

Nicki Positano — Vlogs to show what life is really like in the Amalfi Coast.

Safiya Nygaard and Micarah Tewers — creative experiments.

How to Cook That — Desserts and debunking food hacks.

Downshiftology — Healthy recipes

The Icing Artist — Cake decorating.

Schirmer Shoots — The best van tour I've seen for #vanlife.

Kait Bos — Kait reviews a lot of fashion pieces from Doen, Christy Dawn, and Sezane.

Michelle Phan and Tati — OG Youtube beauty gurus.

Crazy Russian Hacker — When I want to turn my brain off, I'll watch this guy test random gadgets.

Lone FoxAlexandra Grater, DIY Wife, DIY by Niky Foster and The Sorry Girls— Interior design and DIY decor Youtubers filling my HGTV hole.

Anna Bey and Jamila Musayeva — Style and etiquette tips for women.

Fast Food Cuisine — A French channel I watch to passively keep up with my language skills. Sometimes I also watch Cyprien.


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