Ethical & Sustainable Work From Home Outfit Ideas

When people were forced to work from home at the start of the pandemic, I was like "welcome to my world." But even I'm not used to spending such an inordinate amount of time at home. I never really had designated WFH outfits before the lockdown since I was usually out and about during the day and my regular clothes sufficed. Otherwise, I'd be in loungewear, which is not a professional look, and frankly, doesn't help get me into working mode.

So during the lockdown, I had to figure out a way to marry comfort with presentability.


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Sustainable WFH Outfit

Thank you to Encircled for gifting me some WFH pieces. Encircled is an ethical Canadian brand making comfortable, multi-functional clothing from sustainable fabrics. 

In the picture above, I'm wearing my go-to WFH outfit: Encircled's Comfortable Blouse in pink quartz and Dressing Leggings in black, which has handy pockets, and the Renew Bandeau bra. Frankly, if I had my way, I'd just go braless all the time, but on the days I do need to wear a bra, I like the bandeau style because it doesn't strain my shoulders.

With some jewelry, this outfit is versatile to wear for Zoom calls, running errands, and even getting in some quick exercise.

Here are more ethical and sustainable pieces I recommend to make your own WFH outfit:

Build Your Own Sustainable WFH Outfit


Go for smart casual styles in stretchy fabrics and/or a looser, slightly oversized fit.


Bra + Cardigan

Aside from the bandeau bra, I usually wear PACT's camisole with a built-in bra and toss a cardigan over it. A grandpa cardigan and matching tank can be cute.



Instead of sweatpants, choose something stretchy or loose-fitting.



Or just wear a comfortable dress.



Wearing gold jewelry can help you feel more polished.


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