ThetaHealing Part 2: My Experience as a Student Practitioner

If you’d like to know what ThetaHealing is, read Part 1 for my experience as a client.

I decided to get certified in ThetaHealing so I can use the technique on myself without needing to go to my ThetaHealer for every little issue. I've now completed 6 courses (2021 update: it's now 9).

There are three types of ThetaHealing classes:

Practitioner seminars are for those who want to get certified to become ThetaHealers.

Instructor seminars are for those who want to teach and certify others as ThetaHealers.

Elective seminars are optional courses on specific topics to sharpen Theta skills.

Compared to other major cities, there are only a few ThetaHealing instructors near where I live, none in Toronto. I usually travel to towns at least an hour's drive away to take the courses, except on a couple of occasions when the instructor came to Toronto. Most classes are only two or three days.

If you're interested in taking a course, you can search for one near you. Be open to working on your personal issues because they will come up during practice time with other students.

Want to learn ThetaHealing and start your own healing practice? A certified ThetaHealer reviews several ThetaHealing courses and shares her experiences and takeaways.Pin
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ThetaHealing courses I've taken

I've completed five practitioner seminars and one elective (Game of Life) so far. They come with manuals and you receive a certificate at the end of the course. In the Basic and Advanced seminars, books by Vianna Stibal are included as well.

Here are brief course overviews and a personal takeaway of each:

Basic DNA: The foundations of ThetaHealing. It's hard to believe that after this three-day seminar, you can officially take on clients, although many would continue taking more courses or at least practice a lot before doing so. Here, we learn the basic techniques, the rules of using ThetaHealing on others, how to energy break from the person we are working on, and more. The course is very practical, and we would often pair up and practice on one another.

I had an interesting experience when we practiced sending a group healing to someone. My teacher asked me to be the one to send the healing to her friend, who lives in another town. As I imagine the healing energy going into her, I saw in my mind's eye a stout white woman in her late 40s to early 50s with short brown hair and a long nose. Later at lunch, I asked my teacher to show me a picture of her friend. She found one on Facebook, and she was precisely who I had imagined. This gave me confidence to know that I have some skill and I can trust what I'm seeing.

Advanced DNA: We go deeper into our Theta practice, learn about the Seven Planes of Existence, and a bunch of other cool things. At one point, I looked around the class happily and thought, "Is this the real-life equivalent of Hogwarts?"

I learned that healers in the past may have had to sacrifice something in order to heal another person, depending on the plane they were working with. Because ThetaHealing uses energy from the Seventh Plane, the energy of the creator, we do not have to give up our own energy or sacrifice anything because the creator's energy is infinite.

Dig Deeper: As I mentioned in my previous post, the digging process is an important part of ThetaHealing because getting to the root of the issue is key to lasting healing. This two-day course teaches us the various ways to dig on a client's issue.

I managed to see some more things that were verified by others. When I was practicing on one student to sort out a genetic belief, I had a vision of her ancestor a few generations back standing in a cornfield. The student confirmed she was from a family of farmers. Later, I had a vision of her father and his legs were stuck in cement for some reason. The student said her father had issues with his legs and had trouble walking.

After working on a different student for some time, I had a vision of a baby in her womb, but the baby dies. Freaked out, I talked to my teacher about what I saw and whether I should tell the student. The teacher encouraged me to mention it. After I told the student, she confirmed that when she was younger, she had been pregnant but had lost the baby. Wow. With the help of my teacher, we worked with her to heal this issue as well.

Manifesting and Abundance: In this course, we learn the safe and proper way to manifest the things, people, or circumstances we'd like in our lives using the Theta wave. This course also helps uncover and release any blockages we may have that stand in the way.

I've had a couple of friends ask me whether manifesting for too many things is selfish or asking too much of God. It can't be because the universe is abundant and the creator always wants to give to us. The challenge is to uncover our blockages. Even if we manifest a lot of money, that money is circulated back into the economy, contributing to other people's wealth. As long as we do not take things that belong to other people or ask for things that impede on the free will of others, we can manifest as much as we want. Vianna even recommends manifesting at least fifty things (short-term and long-term goals) because they keep us busy. If we're not busy manifesting, we may look for or create other challenges in life.

The Game of Life: A fun elective seminar on business and money, co-developed by Vianna and Hiroyuki Miyazaki, a Japanese ThetaHealer. Hiro used to work in HR and started using ThetaHealing on the employees who would come into his office with work problems. They would leave his office feeling better, and soon, word spread. After employees started lining up to meet with him, he realized he should be teaching ThetaHealing instead. He ultimately created this course based on the common beliefs and blockages he encountered from those in the business world.

We do a lot of belief testing in this seminar. One belief I had that I was surprised by was "my clients hate me." Another interesting thing we learn is that we've programmed ourselves to make a certain amount of money each month. We can test how much, and then remove the limit.

You and Your Significant Partner: This is a new seminar that recently came out from Vianna, on how to be in a harmonious relationship with your soulmate. It's very practical because it covers topics such as how to live in the same space with your partner, share money, decide who does the cooking or the chores, the male and female roles, relationships with in-laws, how to take care of children from a previous marriage, etc. This course is so interesting to me because what we learn may sound like common sense but not always put into practice by many couples.

My biggest breakthrough in this class is not so much a revelation in romance, but uncovering the belief that I expected myself to fail, a belief from past lives. I wouldn't have suspected that in myself.

My takeaways from ThetaHealing courses

The other students in my classes all seem to be spiritually open, and many have learned other energy healing modalities. However, one student was completely new to this and never even had a private Theta session. She told me she found it challenging to see things when she first started. She decided to retake the courses, and the second time around, when I met her, her skills had improved. As long as you have a desire to learn, it's possible to open up your intuitive abilities.

I've always been a little intuitive, sensitive to the energy of the space and people around me. It helps that I've been studying Kabbalah, an ancient 3000+ year spiritual (nonreligious) wisdom, for many years. It provides me with the spiritual laws and the blueprint of how the universe works. I find it fascinating when what I learn in Theta lines up with what I learn in Kabbalah. For example, in Kabbalah, gossiping, evil speech, is one of the worst things you can do. In ThetaHealing, Vianna says the energy of gossip is so bad that when you hear people gossiping, she recommends turning around and walking away.

ThetaHealers receive messages in different ways. Some see images, some hear messages, some can feel. I'm currently relying on my vision, and I'd like to open up my other senses as well. Sometimes it seems unlikely I'll advance to the level of my teachers, but they have also said when they first started, they didn't think they would be good at this either. I have to cut myself some slack because I only started seven months ago. They've been doing this for more than eight years. Practice is key. (2021 update: I am now pretty advanced!)

ThetaHealers may be channeling messages from the Light, but it's important to remember that they are still human and constantly working on their own issues as well. No one is perfect. It's recommended that ThetaHealers swap sessions weekly to continue clearing personal issues. The clearer you are, the better you become as a healer.

ThetaHealers also need certain positive virtues, such as compassion. Practitioners cannot judge their clients. Of course, if the client has done something that the ThetaHealer absolutely cannot stand behind, the ThetaHealer has discretion to stop working with this person.

A practitioner cannot change the rules of ThetaHealing. For example, if a practitioner takes away free will from the client, it is not ethical and no longer ThetaHealing. The ThetaHealer also cannot project their own problems and biases onto the client, which is why it's important for ThetaHealers to practice and really learn to distinguish whether the message they are hearing is from the creator or from their own ego.

I personally recommend starting ThetaHealing by having private sessions with an professional ThetaHealer. After you see how it can benefit you, you'll most likely be more excited to learn it and use it regularly.

How I use ThetaHealing in daily life

Using the skills I learned in various classes, I'm most proud to have helped a close friend manifest her dream job. First we worked on removing the trauma and pain from her last two jobs where she had verbally abusive bosses. Then we released the pressure and obligation she felt to succeed from a parent and balanced a few negative beliefs she felt about herself. Finally, we worked out what she really wanted in a job and used the Theta wave to manifest it. She's currently happy at her new job with lovely co-workers.

This was someone who didn't think ThetaHealing would work but decided to try it because she was at her wit's end with her job hunt. For me to be able to help a loved one change their life for the better was a fantastic feeling.

ThetaHealing is amazing to me because when someone tells me their problem, my logical mind has theories on why, but when I do the digging work and get them to test beliefs, the root issues are usually unexpected. My short time as a student practitioner has taught me to never take people at face value. You just never know what's going on with someone.

I have used ThetaHealing and the digging technique on my own issues, but most of my problems that come up now are due to past lives, which is why I still hire a healer. I also find it easier to work on other people instead of on myself because I'm not approaching their issues with any agendas as I might with me.

I use ThetaHealing daily for simple things, such as sending a healing to a part of my body, blessing my food, and sending unconditional love to people. I also use it to clear the energy of spaces, object (which include and secondhand clothes) and to manifest. It's very practical!

More ThetaHealing seminars I want to take

I'm aiming to take as many Theta courses as possible, and I'm ready for the advanced classes. These are the ones I'm pursuing next:

You and the Creator: This is another new course. Everyone who has taken it has been raving about it. You learn to differentiate between the creator's voice and your own ego, between truth and fear. UPDATE: I've taken this class and highly recommend it.

Intuitive Anatomy: This is the longest course at 3 weeks. Students who are already able to body scan can go deeper in their studies to learn the relationships of the emotions and beliefs to each organ or system of the body.

World Relations: One of my teachers believe that if everyone in the world took this seminar, there would be no more racism and we would have world peace. This five-day course basically allows you to test for hatred, resentment, grudges and prejudice for every race, country, culture, religion, sexual orientation, and more. Many of us like to think we are not racist or prejudice against others who are different from us, but the beliefs may be passed down to you from your ancestors or carried over from past lives.

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