The Best Clean Body Oils For Glowing Skin

I admit I'm a lazy moisturizer. I'll moisturizer my body once a week if I'm lucky. But this winter has been particularly drying for my skin, so I need all the help I can get.

What deters me from moisturizing is the time it takes for them to absorb. Recently, I've been using clean, luxurious body oils instead of body creams or moisturizers. The ones I like from clean beauty brands are not sticky or greasy, to my surprise. They are both ultra-moisturizing and fast-absorbing.

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Goop's G.Day Black Pepper + Rose Hip Oil Energy Body Oil is the product that first turned me on to how a great body oil should perform. It is lightweight and sinks in fast, and the spicy scent can also double as a subtle perfume.

I thought I was set with that body oil, but when I got Osea's Undaria Algae Body Oil as a gift with purchase from The Detox Market, I immediately loved its citrus and cypress scent even more. Mind you, it doesn't absorb as fast as Goop's, but it's richer and more hydrating.

I can't pick a favourite between the two. If I want something lightweight with an energizing scent to wake me up, I'll use Goop's G.Day Body Oil. If I want something extra moisturizing with a heavenly scent, I'll reach for Osea. I also find the pump bottle more convenient.

How to Use Body Oil

Body oils are incredibly multi-purpose. Use it as a moisturizer, for massage, as a subtle body perfume, and to prevent razor burns or stretch marks during pregnancy. If you like to take baths, you can add a few drops of body oil to the bathwater for extra hydration.

As a moisturizer, it's best to apply the body oil after a bath or shower to seal in your skin's moisture. If you're suffering from extra dry skin in the winter, apply your usual body moisturizer and follow it up with a body oil to prevent moisture from evaporating.

You can also use body oils in the summer to give your skin a nice glow, such as on the chest or legs.

The Best Clean Beauty Body Oils

In addition to the two clean body oils I love, here are other luxurious and highly-rated body oils from clean beauty brands.


What's your favourite clean body oil? Let us know in the comments below.

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