Rahua Voluminous Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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I've been trading in my chemical-laden beauty products for clean, nontoxic versions. As recommended in the book No More Dirty Looks, the first to go is shampoo. Since the scalp is the most absorbent part of your body, it's a sponge for harsh chemicals. Many conventional shampoos use sodium laureat sulfate (SLES) or sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) which produces a carcinogen. On top of that, there are also the preservatives, parabens, fragrances and additives to avoid.

I've tried different shampoos from health food stores. While they were okay, their formulas still contained chemicals and I really wanted a more natural formula. I chose Rahua's Voluminous shampoo and conditioner because not only are they 100% natural, they are also organic, sustainable, and cruelty free.

Honest Review of Rahua's Voluminous Shampoos and Conditioners from someone new to clean and natural haircare. Pin

To my surprise, Rahua's shampoo lathers quite well—better than the health food brands. You don't need a lot of product. A quarter-size amount with plenty of water will do it. The line is pricey, but I've had my bottles for a couple of months now and I'm not even halfway through, even though I wash my hair every other day.

After about a month, I saw a difference. My scalp was way more balanced. If you're not a good candidate for the "no poo" method (I'm not!), using 100% natural, 100% organic hair care is the next best thing.

Rahua has a sustainable, earth-friendly business model where they work with women from Amazonian nations. "Rahua," a restorative oil only found deep in the Amazon rainforest, has been the women's secret to their lustrous hair for centuries. The company's video about the process and the history behind Rahua is pretty interesting.

Overall, I really like this line. The shampoo and conditioner both have green tea, lemongrass, lavender and eucalyptus, and they smell nice. They perform how I expect products from a clean, luxury haircare line to perform.

A con is that I can't do without the conditioner because the shampoo alone would leave my hair too dry and matte. It's also winter right now, so my hair is usually a bit more dry this time of year, but I would still like my hair to feel softer.

Since this is my first real introduction to clean shampoos, I want to try another line to see how they compare. I've heard good things about the Intelligent Nutrients line, started by the founder of Aveda. I'll try and review that next. If that doesn't work out, at least I have Rahua as my go-to.

What are your favourite natural shampoos and conditioners? Let us know in the comments below.

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