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For years, I suffered from severe eye tension. It would physically hurt for me to look into the distance. Doctors and experts couldn’t help me. They said I was fine, perfectly healthy. In the early years, I thought the chronic pain was simply due to working too much on the computer. I tried eye exercises and taking long breaks. When it became frustratingly clear that this wasn't going away, I was fortunate enough to discover energy healing. Slowly but surely, l was able to resolve many issues pertaining to the eyes with the help of a professional ThetaHealer (healing a lot of trauma from past lives), but that hit a wall too. The severity of the eye pain was gone, but I wasn't fully healed and I didn't know why.

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One summer, frustrated with the lingering pain, I went to a Chinese massage therapist, who told me I had a lot of tension in my TMJ. I went home and did some googling. It turned out I likely had an undiagnosed TMJ disorder. I never connected my eye pain with a TMJ disorder because I didn't have major issues with my jaw. Instead, I had symptoms such as eye tension, eye pain, blurry vision, light sensitivity, jaw joint clicking, and headaches.

I looked in Louise Hay's index of physical issues in her book You Can Heal Your LifeUnder "Jaw Problems," she wrote the probable causes were "anger, resentment, desire for revenge." This gave me clues on what kind of emotional issues to look into that could have compounded and manifested into a TMJ disorder. By this time, I was already a certified healer myself, so I was able to work on myself.

Long story short, I discovered that I was using my jaw as an "energy warehouse" for stress, anxiety, anger, trauma, resentment, hurt, and other emotional pain. I was storing them in my jaw so I wouldn't have to deal with these emotions and experiences. Storing them there also prevented these physical and emotional pain from affecting the rest of my body.

If I had already stored a lifetime's worth of stale emotions in my jaw, not to mention other "energy warehouses" in my body, such as my eyes, neck, and shoulders—places I regularly felt pain and discomfort—no wonder I was experiencing chronic pain. As I continued self-healing, the pain slowly peeled away in layers.

While belief changes can be instant, the body might need more time to heal. I always give the example of losing weight. You wouldn't want to lose 60 pounds in one day. Not only will your body feel unstable, but you'll also be left with loose skin. The body will reveal what it is ready to let go from one day to the next, and when things shift, the body needs time to get used to the new balance.

First I removed a bunch of trapped emotions and beliefs in the jaw and other parts of my body. The Trapped Emotions & Traits Chart I put together is helpful for being thorough with getting rid of every single nuanced emotion. It's a simple tool, but the process was time-consuming. As much as I wanted to heal myself in one day, I had to be patient and let my body communicate what I needed to learn and what was ready to heal.

After I released as many trapped emotions and beliefs from my body as I could find, I commanded to stop using my jaw/TMJ as an energetic warehouse for negative emotions or energies to be stored.

So many people suffer from TMJ issues but they tend to just treat the symptoms, as with any kind of pain. I remember having a conversation with someone at my chiropractor's office, and she told me she gets botox injections to deal with her TMJ pain. I believe that doing the emotional work with energetic healing can heal chronic pain at the root level, as it did for me.

Chronic pain is likely there to communicate that there are unaddressed emotional issues. The "energetic warehouse" can help contain those old issues, but the body can only host them at a price. Not only do the contents of the warehouse need to go, the warehouse can't be there either. Facing emotional pain heals physical pain.

While it was horrible to go through years of chronic pain and feeling helpless, now that I'm on the other side, I can share these tools that have helped me get rid of the pain in this Advanced Healing series so you can self-heal too.

If you're experiencing chronic pain in a certain area of your body, use the energy healing modality of your choice. Muscle test:

  • Is it true that I'm using my      (e.g. TMJ, chest, back, hips, etc.)     as an energy warehouse?

If yes, keep muscle testing by checking which emotion you may be storing using the Trapped Emotions & Traits Chart. Check relevant negative beliefs as well. Muscle test one emotion/belief at a time.

  • Is it true that I'm keeping the energy of       (sadness, fear of failure, etc.)         in my energy warehouse of my   (e.g. TMJ, chest, back, hips, etc.)   ?

It would be better to release as many trapped emotions and negative beliefs as you can find before the final step of using the healing modality of your choice and asking the creator to stop using that body part as an energy warehouse for storing negative energies. Replace that old programming with a new, positive one, such as that you now know how to process and release your emotions with ease, and that your energy can flow correctly in your body in a healthy manner.

Muscle test again to confirm to yourself that you've made these changes.

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