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During the lockdown years, I had more time to heal myself at home. It wasn't unusual for me to spend up to three hours self-healing. In the intensity of this daily practice, I discovered some new tools to heal the body. I've since shared them with private healing clients to good results.

The tools sound simple, but they are extremely effective as long as you put in the time to work on yourself.

Trapped Energies in the Body

Thanks to The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a book I read years ago, I already knew that emotions can get trapped in the body. This beginner-friendly healing modality involves removing 60 emotions from the body, as shown in The Emotion Code Chart.

As I used The Emotion Code in conjunction with the information from Louise Hay's book You Can Heal Your Life, I discovered that there are many more emotions that can be trapped in the body, and many more parts of the body where these emotions can reside. Not just emotions, but also beliefs, traumas, resentments, and even vows made in the Akashic Records.

The major thing I discovered is that the body has an intelligence of its own, separate from the mind. The body also keeps its own memories.

The body never ceases to amaze me in the myriad of clever ways it keeps us healthy and feeling safe. Just as the body heals and develops immunity after an illness, the body also learns to protect you from going through the same emotional pain again. It may choose to retain certain negative emotions, memories, resentments, traumas, beliefs, etc., as a "vaccine."

Once we teach the body that it no longer needs these energetic defense mechanisms, the "vaccines," to protect ourselves and feel safe, we can release these old trapped energies.

How to release trapped emotions and beliefs. Learn more about the mind-body connection with energy healing methods. Pin
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How to Remove Trapped Emotions in the Body

If you're already familiar with The Emotion Code, you'll have a general idea of how this works. Muscle test whether you have any trapped emotions. I created a very extensive and thorough Emotions & Traits Chart which you can refer to below.

An example of how to muscle test a trapped emotion in the form of a statement:

  • Is it true I have the energy of     (e.g. bitterness)     in any parts of my body?

In my version, you don't actually need to know exactly where in your body these energies are trapped. If you do want to know, simply use muscle testing to find out.

If you're experiencing physical pain in certain areas, it would be particularly helpful to check exactly where in the body these energies are trapped. Louise Hay's book can give you clues as to which emotions or beliefs may be at the root of certain ailments.

You might also be using certain parts of the body as energy warehouses for negative emotions, which is a topic we'll discuss in the next blog post.

Examples of parts of the body where energy can be trapped:

Arms, back, bones, chest, colon, eyes, feet, hair, hair follicles, hands, hips, heart, chest, jaw/TMJ, legs, liver, lungs, kidneys, muscles, neck, scalp, shoulders, spleen, skeleton, skin, sexual organs, stomach, thighs, throat, veins, wrists, etc.

For example, you can muscle test a trapped emotion in your body like this:

  • Is it true I have the energy of     (e.g. grief)    in my heart?

You can also think of different ways to phrase the statement because the body or subconscious mind tends to accept certain phrasing over others.

  • Is it true I have the energy of     (e.g. pain of loss)    in my heart?

Removing Trapped Emotions & Traits:

Use the energy healing modality of your choice to remove the trapped emotions. I recommend the three healing methods I personally use.

When you remove the emotion, you can remove it from a specific part of your body and also "any part of your body." Sometimes one belief can be trapped in more than one place in the body. Including in the command to remove it from "any parts of my body" using the healing modality of your choice should remove them all.

The general idea with most healing methods is the concept of removing negative energies/beliefs/scripts and replacing them with positive ones. If you remove a negative emotion, you're left with an energetic void, so it's best to also replace it with a positive emotion. If you can't think of anything, use "love" or "God's fresh new energy."

If the trapped emotion or trait doesn't release, you might have to look into why you have them. One possible reason is that it wants to stay there to keep you safe and on guard (the "vaccine" effect), so you'll have to ask what positive things to teach your body to convince it to release those old negative emotions while still feeling safe. For example, instead of using anger to defend yourself against angry people, how about simply knowing you're always protected by God's loving energy, thus angry people can't harm you? (Also, like attracts like, so holding onto anger will likely attract more angry people or circumstances to make you angry, so it's better to release it in favor of love and peace to attract the same.)

Emotions & Traits Chart

Abandoned, abuse/abused, aggressive, alone, amazed, anger/angry, annoyed, annoying, anxious/anxiety, apathetic, appalled, argumentative, arrogant, ashamed, astonished, awful, awkward, betrayed, bitchy, bitter/bitterness, bored/boring, broken, bullheaded, bullied, busy, cantankerous, cautious, childish, cocky, cold, confused, contemptuous, controlling, cranky, crazy, creative stress/anxiety, cringe, critical, criticized, crying, cynical, cursed, debased, defensive, dejection, depressed, depression, deranged, despair, detestable, disappointed, disapproving, discombobulated, disconnected, discontented, disgust, dismissed, disoriented, displeased, disrespected, distant, dramatic, dread, dumb, eavesdropping, effort unreceived, embarrassed, emotionally immature, empty, enraged, envious/envy, excited, exhausted, failed/failing/failure, fake, famished, fear/fearful, flaky, fragile, frightened, frozen, frustrated, glib, gloomy, grasping, grief, guilt, guilty, harsh/harshness, hate/hatred, helpless, heartbroken, hesitant, hiding, hopeless, horny, horrified, horror, hostile, humiliated/humiliation, hungry, hurt, ignored, immascuted, immature, impatient, impure, inauthentic, indecisive, indifferent, indignant, inferior, infuriated, inherently unlovable, insane, insecure, insulted, irritated, isolated, lack of control, lethargic, liar/lying, lonely, loser, lost, love unreceived, jaded, jealous/jealousy, judged, judgmental, let down, lonely, longing, mad, manipulated, masochistic, mean, mediocre, menacing, nauseated, need for vengeance, nervousness, not good enough, numb, obsessive, obsessed, obstinate, offended, offensive, outburst, out of control, overlooked, overly competitive, overuse/overused, overwhelmed, pain, peeved, perfectionism, perplexed, perverted, pessimistic, pissed, powerless, pressure, promiscuous, proud, provoked, prudish, pushover, rage, rancid, rancour, rebellious, regret, remorse, resentment, revolted, rude, rushed, sad, sadistic, scared, schaudenfraude, self-absorbed, self-doubt, self-loathing, self-hatred, self-harm, selfish, self-pity, sceptical, sexual guilt, sexual shame, shallow, shame, sinful, sleepy, slow, shock, shy, sick, slutty, sneaky, snobby, snooty, speechless, spoiled, startled, stress/stressed, stubborn, stuck-up, stupid, suffering, superficial, suspicious, regret, rejected, repelled, repentant, resentment, revolt, ridicule/ridiculed, rude, taken for granted, tedious, threatened, tired, torture/tortured, trauma, triggered, twisted, ugly, undeserving, undignified, unexceptional, unfocused, unhappy, unheard, unlikeable, unlovable, unlucky, unsophisticated, unsupported, unsure, unvalued, unwise, unworthy, upset, used, vengeful, victimized, violated, vulnerable, weak, wistful, withdrawn, worried/worry

...and any other emotions or traits you can think of.

"The mind and body are like parallel universes. Anything that happens in the mental universe must leave tracks in the physical one."

Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing

How to Remove Trapped Beliefs in the Body

A belief held in the body can sometimes be a different layer than the same belief held in the subconscious mind. If you're like me and you've used ThetaHealing to resolve your limiting beliefs, you might also want to retest your beliefs to see if they are still trapped as energy in any parts of your body.

After I made this discovery, I went back to my old notebooks of limiting beliefs I resolved and retested them for my body. I learned that at least 1/4 of the beliefs were still trapped in different parts of my body. Usually, they were from more traumatic experiences and my body didn't want to let go (again, for the "vaccine" effect) in order to be on guard.

For example, if you already worked out this belief:

  • I think I am unlovable

Test out the belief again for your body this way:

  • I am unlovable in any parts of my body
  • I think I am unlovable in any parts of my body

Additionally, you can also test it this way:

  • My body thinks, feels, or believes I am unlovable

More examples of statements you can muscle test as trapped energy in the body:


  • Is it true that I have the energy of      "all good things come to an end"      in any parts of my body?
  • Is it true that I have the energy of      "I’m not good enough"      in any parts of my body?


  • Is it true that I have the energy of       "I resent my mother for abandoning me"        in any parts of my body?
  • Is it true that I have the energy of         “resentment for my ex for breaking my heart”         in any parts of my body?


  • Is it true that I have the energy of      "I made a vow of poverty"     in any parts of my body?
  • Is it true that I have the energy of     "I made a vow in my Akashic records to always be alone"      in any parts of my body?

Trauma from this life or other lives:

  • Is it true I have the energy of    "trauma of being abused"    anywhere in my body?
  • Is it true that I have the energy from the lifetime of when I      (past experience)       in any parts of my body?

Again, you can test to see where specifically in the body these beliefs are trapped, but you don't have to. Sometimes a belief can be trapped in more than one place in the body. As I mentioned before, when you command to release old programming, ask to release them from "any parts of my body", using the healing modality of your choice, and that should remove them all.

Healing Physical Pain By Removing Trapped Emotions and Beliefs

If you are suffering from physical pain or ailments and are having a hard time healing from them, I highly recommend looking into the emotional root of the problem. If you're already intuitive or trained in a healing method such as ThetaHealing, you can ask God. You can also get answers from the Louise Hay book I keep talking about, You Can Heal Your Life. The index of physical issues comes with their probable causes and a mantra to instill a new thought pattern.

For example, the probable cause of having acne according to Louise Hay is "not accepting the self" or "dislike of the self." With that information, you can work on healing those beliefs and emotions at the core level and that will help heal the physical issues. You can also use her mantras for that particular issue to download new positive beliefs.

Books Mentioned

These are the books on healing I recommend if you want to learn more. Most of them I mentioned in this post. I pull them from my bookshelf to reference all the time and highly recommend owning them.

When you purchase through links on this site we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us provide free content for you to enjoy.


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